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3rd June 2020

"Underline Science’s Mission: To broadcast, capture and preserve scientific conference information"


Speakers: Alex Lazinica & Darrell W. Gunter

CEO & SVP Strategic Partnerships - Underline Science Inc.

Join us for our discussion with Alex Lazinica, the founder and CEO of Underline Science, Inc. as he and his colleague Darrell W. Gunter explore the needs and reasons why a digital video repository is so critically important to the scholarly and scientific community.  Further how the Underline Science live streaming platform of scientific conferences will complete the information cycle of the scholarly record.


Our 30-minute fireside chat will discuss the mission of Underline Science, its origins and plans for the near future.  Alex will share the best practices for a digital video repository and Underline’s full service turnkey live streaming platform.  They will also share some tips and tricks to conduct the best virtual conference and why an archive of conference digital videos is so important to the science community.


10th June 2020

"Using AI to enhance speed and precision of biomarkers discovery"

Speakers: Dale Morgan

Senior Account Manager, Global Sales Partnerships - Wiley

& Vatsal Agarwal - Vice President AI & Computational Linguistics at Innoplexus

Key Takeaways

 - Role of biomarkers in journey towards precision medicine

          - Current challenges in identifying and validating new biomarkers

          - AI-based automation to accelerate universal data preparation in biomarker discovery

          - Identifying hidden, non-obvious signals using AI to reach precise biomarkers

          - Explainable biomarkers with evidence for researchers


17th June 2020

"Finally, Open for Business? Higher Ed and Accelerated Transformation!"

Speaker: Dr. Thomas Treutler - CSO - Certix

The higher education landscape has been accumulating a variety of structural problems over the last two decades - worldwide. COVID-19 has not started anything new but is rather amplifying these structural problems and accelerating the urgent necessity for a profound transformation. Is technology to blame? Is it salvation? Which are these structural problems and what will the next 10 years for higher education look like? Dr. Thomas H Treutler has intimate knowledge of this sector, having worked in executive roles, interacting with institutions worldwide. This presentation will take you through a brief analysis of the structural problems the sector is facing, a visualization of the rollercoaster ride institutions will have to go through over the next years and provide potential scenarios to face the future.


24th June 2020

“What does real digital transformation look

like for a content business?”


Speaker: Sam Herbert

Client Services Director - 67 Bricks

Where digital evolution is concerned, lots of traditional publishers have been stuck for the last 5-10 years, nervous about doing more than dipping their toes in the new digital waters and continuing to survive on traditional revenue streams, but seeing them slowly flatline or decrease. But you can’t hide forever. In today’s smartphone era, it's no longer just the quality of your content that matters. Speed and ease of access and a new, user-led focus are now just as important. What are your users interested in? What outcomes are they looking to achieve? How do they want to consume the information you have?

True digital transformation of the content business is required to meet these challenges as well as a change of mindset, but where do you start and what does the journey look like? Join 67 Bricks’ co-founder Sam Herbert as he reveals a clear path for content businesses to follow on their digital transformation journey.


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