Making Enterprise Content Easier to Access and Produce:

A Fireside Chat with ASTM and CCC

Speakers: Julie Sabo, Director of Graphic Design, Digital Output and Production Services, ASTM and Scott Stickland, Lead Business Analyst, CCC

Deciding to replace a legacy content management system can strike fear in the hearts of publishers. Swapping out a system that has served the company well for years but can no longer meet new market and operational needs can be a daunting decision.


As standards development organization ASTM discovered, a more flexible, agile approach to content can help an organization innovate and respond to changing market needs more readily. To diversify its publishing capabilities, better support key internal teams, and scale business, ASTM partnered with CCC’s professional services team to enhance the core tools it uses to author and revise its standards, including the deployment of a new content management system.


In this session, CCC Senior Business Analyst Scott Stickland and Julie Sabo, ASTM’s Director of Graphic Design, Digital Output and Production Services, will discuss the collaboration between the two organizations that ultimately led to the solutions adopted by ASTM. Scott and Julie will highlight the approach taken by CCC’s professional services team to help ASTM assess its challenges and meet its needs, including the implementation of an out-of-the box, configurable new publishing platform aligned to the organization’s content delivery system requirements.


The discussion will also explore the impact of ASTM’s new tools and publishing platform, including simplified content workflows for faster course updates, greater control over changing content, and a reduction in the organization’s manual project management.


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