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ConTech Digital Journey 2020

In Review - by Clive Snell - ConTech MD

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michael puscar contech ai machine learni

Michael Puscar, Founder OIGA Technologies & Ziotag

“Five years ago it would take around thirty-six hours to detect fraud of our healthcare database, now it takes just ten seconds.”

helen malone contech ai machine learning

Helen Malone, Director of the Information Hub at GSK

“The combination of tech and big data promises much more targeted, effective medicines and the ability for us to live healthier lives for longer.”

max gabriel contech ai data machine lear

Max Gabriel, CDO

Taylor & Francis

“Smart devices are going to be incredibly smarter – so much smarter than they’ve ever been.”

The world of content creation, dissemination and consumption is facing enormous change. ConTech.Live is a series of conferences about the disruption and transformation of organisations as well as the threats and opportunities they face. Aimed at the product, content and technology decision makers within scholarly, research and professional publishing organisations ConTech.Live is a platform for these groups and individuals to help them successfully navigate these changes.

The speed at which change is happening in this arena is beyond comprehension and that’s why we’ve created a community here – a community that continues to grow and develop.  


ConTech.Live – three unique and ground-breaking events.  ConTech 2020ConTech Forum and ConTech Pharma.  Hear from the innovators, the pioneers and the businesses taking a futuristic approach to what they do. 

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